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It's easy to add to an Open Green Map (OGM), especially when you are visiting a natural, cultural or green living site!

Login: Login if you want your site's description to include your OGM username. All sites will be reviewed by the Mapmaker before being published online.

Add Site: Start by selecting a nearby OGM map. Fill in name and details. Location relies on your device's GPS sensor so make sure it's on. Choose country (just once, it's cached). Select at least 1 icon, or up to 8. Photo and caption are optional. Submit.

Options: Choose language, adjust settings, clear cache etc.

Offline Mode: No internet connection? You can still map green sites! However, you can not log in, see the map or the icons (just their titles). Next time you login, your sites will be sent automatically to the map's Mobile Import page.

More Info: has video etc.

Survey: Help improve the Collector! Survey Form

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On Add a New Site Form

Select Map: Choose an existing Open Green Map

Name & Details: Mapmaker may edit before publishing

Confirm on Map: If needed, drag position pointer "google pointer" to correct location. If you are on a mobile phone, tap top right X to close map and return to the form.
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Refresh GPS: Can improve GPS accuracy.

Icons: Choose category, then select up to 8 Green Map Icons. The first selected becomes the Primary Icon (and marks the site on the map). Tap Done below.

Photos: Add one photo and caption. Since photos taken using the Collector cannot be edited or saved in your photo library, we suggest taking and editing photos (enhance, crop etc.) before selecting one for a site.

On Your OGM Map Dashboard

Mapmaker, please login. Select your map, then its Import/Export tab. Imported sites will appear on your Map and its Dashboard so you can edit details or location, add website etc. like other OGM sites.


Site Collector v1.0beta created for Green Map System

Web Developer: Bogdan Szabo
Product Manager: Ciprian Samoilă, Asociația Harta Verde România (
Become a Mapmaker:

Thanks to Wendy Brawer, Thomas Turnbull, Eric Goldhagen and Walter E. Perry for their support during development and testing.


Thank you!

Creative Commons License
Green Map Site Collector © Green Map® System, Inc. and Asociația Harta Verde® Romania 2014
Icons © Green Map® System 2013

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